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reconnecting to your sense of inner knowing

Your inner knowing is the sense of confidence in what you know to be true and right for you

It is a place where we are deeply rooted and anchored in our own wisdom. Where our sense of the world - both inner and outer - feels so much richer and more fulfilling to us. 

One way of reconnecting with your inner knowing is to engage in practices of deep listening; practices that pull your awareness inward and invite you to slow down and rest in your own presence. Yin Yoga & Sound are two such practices that allow us to step into our receptive, feminine energy: pausing the constant striving and doing and instead open ourselves up to a deepened sense of connection to Self. 


yin yoga is a simple, gentle practice that encourages us to surrender and soften

The practice speaks to the passive, feminine energy within, offering a safe space for us to slow down and turn our focus inward. When we become physically still, we are then given the chance to truly listen within. However, this is also where the true challenge of this practice lies. Meeting ourselves, all aspects of ourselves, in stillness and being with it. That is exactly where the magic of this practice lies...

yin yoga

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a sound bath is an extraordinary experience for body, mind and soul 

The frequencies invite your body to relax and your mind to release any stuckness, reawakening the texture of your inner landscape and rewilding to your true nature, your source. From this place, we wake up to our inherent sense of wisdom and knowing, and can meet life from this place. 

My intention behind creating spaces to share these practices

I truly believe in the extraordinary power of these practices to bring forth transformation and healing, by guiding us from a gross, externalized experience to a more subtle experience of life. One in which we embrace our ability to feel deeply and embrace the full spectrum of ourselves and life's offerings. 



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in your words

"Sabrina's Yin Yoga classes have been my journey to self-love and acceptance.


The way she inspires us with her openness and intention is something that has deepened my understanding and appreciation of Yin Yoga.  I can’t express how thankful I am that our paths crossed in Bali and I’ve had the chance to practice with Sabrina!


Thank you for spreading light!"





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