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embody your highest potential and create the life you desire

move from constant rumination, worry & anxiety to a sense of steadiness & calm within

move frodoubting and second-guessing your every move to standing firm in your boundaries and decisions

move from living the life you think you should want to reclaiming your desires and life's vision fully

the most intimate way to work with me...

Together we explore the various dimensions of your life and create space for transformation and healing.


You can expect to shed layers of beliefs, behaviors, emotional patterns and insecurities that have been holding you back to finally integrate the parts of you that you've been ashamed of and been hiding from even the closest people to you. 


We create a stable foundation of deep rooted self-love embodied connection to your inner knowing and unshakeable confidence that empowers you to express your needs, wants and desires, holds you firm in your power and boundaries and have your own back - no matter what.

Portrait of Sabrina Patricia Klaubert Transformational Life Coach

I hold the belief that the key to feeling at home within your body, becoming the powerful creator of your life and unshakeable confidence lies in your ability to remember. 

Remember that you are in fact inherently worthy and whole. Remember that you are the one holding the key to unlock the mystery to a deeply aligned and fulfilled life. The kind of life you secretly dream about (and possibly even judge yourself for, the audacity to want such things!).


It is for you to turn inward and harness the power of being your true Self - no more hiding and holding back.


Within my 1-1 coaching & mentoring journey, 

our focus will be to create the inner transformation to bring about the changes you wish to see in your inner and outer world. As your Coach & Mentor you can expect me to cheerlead your wins, challenge your protest and lovingly call you out on any BS. It is my own journey and continuous devotion that makes me confident in holding space for you, guide you through your very own process. 

I work with women that are ready to

confront what they've been hiding from themselves and the world for too long. Women that are ready to embrace their depth and full spectrum, and their humanity and messiness. 


I work with women that are ready to rise up and come into greater connection with who they truly are to create the life and impact in this world they dream about.


move from feeling like a passive bystander in your own life to feeling empowered and inspired by the life you are creating.

My 1-1 Coaching is designed for you

if you are ready to rise up and meet your ambitions and aspirations without compromising your authenticity, integrity, or wellbeing.


If you know yourself to be inherently worthy and are drawn to trust yourself and life deeply. 

If you are tired of feeling like a passive bystander in your own life and are ready to feeling empowered and inspired by the life that you are consciously creating.

Portrait of Sabrina Patricia Klaubert Transformational Life Coach

what's included

  • Vision Crafting Session (120min)

  • 100% tailored and bespoke coaching journey

  • Bi-weekly coaching sessions (60min)

  • Unlimited WhatsApp Support

  • Abundance of resources and practices to support integration & regulate the nervous system

"I often joke that I got into my little “messy” situation just so that Sabrina was able to enter my life!


Honestly, I feel so blessed to have had over 6 months of coaching with her - it changed my life so much!

She helped me to transform my daily habits and also patterns that I’ve had forever, that stopped me from showing up as my confident and sovereign self.  She reminded me of how capable


I really am! It wasn’t always an easy journey, but it was so worth it.

I feel so much stronger and happier now, ready to live the life I deserve.

I also almost undervalued the WhatsApp service in the beginning- but it’s so powerful to have coaching right when the triggers come up.

You can really tell that Sabrina CARES about her clients and their success (and I’ve honestly worked with a few coaches before, Sabrina is a diamond!!).

She meets you were you are ans doesn’t use any cookie-cutter strategies. So needless to say, if you are ready to do the work - I recommend working with her 1000%."


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