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She Rising
The Retreat

a transformational 6-day luxury women's retreat
in the breathtaking Western Cape of South Africa
February 13-18, 2024


a retreat like no other

She Rising - The Retreat is a transformational 6-day luxury retreat in the breathtaking Yzerfontein, nestled in the Western Cape of South Africa,

just an hour away from Cape Town.

I invite you to an extraordinary journey in sisterhood to unlock your boundless potential.

With the intention to unleash clarity, summon your courage, and embody your creative power, this immersive experience will leave you forever transformed.

Throughout the retreat, you'll embark on a sacred voyage of self-discovery and empowerment, guided centered around the three principles that makes up the body of my work: Slow Down. Remember. Rise Up.

Over the course of our 6 days together, you will learn the art of creating inner safety, nurturing your body, and regulating your nervous system. This is the groundwork needed to delve into the power of remembrance: Uncover the deep wisdom within you, reigniting your inner knowing and connecting to your heart's desires. You will naturally evolve to summon the courage to be seen and heard in your authentic expression. This is your time to step boldly into the unknown, harnessing your unique creative power to shape your reality.


Build unshakeable confidence and become the architect of your own destiny.

As you immerse yourself in this transformative retreat, you'll be surrounded by the exquisite beauty of Yzerfontein and the serenity of the Western Cape. Luxury accommodations and impeccable hospitality will provide the perfect backdrop for your rising. 

Are you ready to join a community of remarkable women, ignite your inner spark, and rise to your fullest potential? Come and experience She Rising - The Retreat – an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation in the Western Cape of South Africa.

Transformation & Healing


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I'm Sabrina, your coach, mentor, and facilitator of She Rising - The Retreat.


This retreat is close to my heart, because really it carries so much of my own journey.

I know the exhaustion and despair that comes with desperately trying to fit in, shutting myself down and ignoring my own needs and desires. I expected nothing short of perfection from myself - I thought I had to be in order to belong.  


I longed for a true sense of grounding, stability, and also ease and joy in my life - but had absolutely no idea where to begin.

Today, I'm grateful that things have changed.


My life isn't perfect, but I've built a body of work that continually guides me to deeper layers of myself. It invites me to embody my truth and potential, embracing all parts of me - the full spectrum. 


Through this journey, I've created a life that feels vibrant, alive, expansive and deeply aligned. And it is from this journey that She Rising was born.


I invite you, beautiful soul, to join me on this journey of remembrance, the way back to your authentic essence.


She Rising - The Retreat is an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and transformation, and I would love to welcome you on this adventure. 

Sabrina, xo

The Supporting Team

Let me introduce you to our Retreat Chef Gabriela!
Gabriela will be nourishing & nurturing your journey with food that fuels, sustains & energizes you from dusk until dawn. A private chef, caterer & executive food consultant, Gabriela combines her experience in the kitchen with her practice as a yoga teacher to create considered, plant powered meals to get you glowing from the inside out.
Each meal is a sensory journey through colour, texture & vibrance, never without the ultimate ingredients: love, light & lots of heart!

Check out Gabriela's Instagram for some delicious inspiration

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February 13-18, 2024

your time to rise up

join me for a transformational 6-day luxury women's retreat 

prices starting from 


*early bird price available until September 30th

**if you earn in ZAR, please reach out for local pricing

The Rooms

The Beach House Villa has 6 luxurious double rooms all with their private en-suite bathroom. 

The six bedrooms are of three catgories that come with different price points: Garden View, Ocean View and Sunrise Master Bedroom


*early bird price available until September 13th

**if you earn in ZAR, please reach out for local pricing

Transportation & Logistics

Our exclusive Beach Villa with private beach access is located in the beautiful Yzerfontein, nestled in the Western Cape of South Africa. 

A shuttle bus from Cape Town to Yzerfontein will be arranged. The drive is about 1h15min - if you wish to reserve a spot for the shuttle from Cape Town to retreat location, please let me know upon your booking. The shuttle service is included in the price.

If you prefer to drive to Yzerfontein on your own that is absolutely possible, too. Car parking is available. 

Please note that airfaire to South Africa is not included in the retreat price and must be arranged and paid for individually. 

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