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She Rising

a 6week online immersion for the visionary woman who wants to build clarity & safety within herself so that she can summon the courage to fully step into her life and the role of the creatrix of her life


I see you...

You feel like with everything you have created for yourself,
you should feel more alive, vibrant and confident.


But you don't.

You continue to second-guess your every move, your every decision.

Looking from the outside, you are probably ticking off all the boxes of 'success' and have got your life in order - realizing now that this whole time you have been playing by somebody else's rules, measuring your life by standards and values that have never been yours, to begin with.

You are the Visionary Woman.

In your heart you know that there is another way for you to live life in alignment with your truth and desires.

You are tired of being so hard on yourself, chasing after something that might not have been yours in the first place. You are fed up with putting everybody else's needs before your own. You are ready to remember and reclaim your innate power and embody your full potential.

But you're stuck.

I know you've been trying to find that missing piece to finally feel vibrantly alive and offer more of yourself to life - but so far the search has been outside of yourself. 

When what it truly takes to find deep lasting richness in your life is remembering your essence and the gift that only you hold.

Desert Dunes

SHE RISING is for you if...

  • You are tired of hiding and playing small and deep down know there is so much more you have to give

  • You want to explore your unique expression & learn tools that support you in building greater confidence 

  • You constantly put other people's needs above yours and are ready for this to change - for good

  • You want to experience true safety in your body, a regulated NS rather than suppressing your emotions to cope

  • You want greater clarity for your own path

  • You want to break free from unspoken rules & expectations and live life your way

  • You are tired of the constant pressure you put yourself under and are open to more ease & joy in your life​

  • You feel called to finally support and prioritize yourself and your own journey of growth

"Just like moons and like suns,

With the certainty of tides,

Just like hopes springing high,

Still I'll rise."
Maya Angelou

Desert Dunes

In this 6-week online immersion, I will be sharing the three distinct elements that I have identified that support you to open up to your own potentiality. 


We’ll look at building a safe and stable foundation first by exploring ways to create safety in your body and regulate the nervous system. It is all about returning to yourself, listening to, honoring and prioritizing your own needs.


It is never about changing who you are. Instead I believe that you know so much better what you want for yourself and your life than you might think right now. In the second element of the journey, we'll access and harness your inner knowng to live with more truth and joy. This will open you up to the clarity you seek.


It is from this grounded place, that we are building up the courage to embrace all that you are and let yourself be seen and witnessed in your uniqueness. It is the courage to move within the unknown that is required to build greater confidence in who you are

tools & practices you can expect

Yin Yoga  Sound  Breathwork Meditation Hypnosis Journaling Visualization Transformational Coaching 

Now is your time

"once she stopped rushing + pressuring herself, she was amazed by how clearly she saw herself + the vision for her life"


a visceral set of skills allowing you to regulate your nervous system & support your Rising

greater understanding of  yourself and what matters to you 

- your inner knowing

clarity & an illuminated vision for your life that fuels you with inspiration & motivation

feeling grounded & calm

in your body + mind 

confidence and certainty in your ability to create your own life



It's almost a little funny to me. I hear it again and again, when people first meet me they perceive me as calm, collected and confident. Such a great fit to be sharing practices of deep rest and relaxation. And I am that. But I am also driven, ambitious, passionate and emotional (and that is not a judgement!). I now consider myself a full spectrum woman. 

It hasn't always been like this though...

If you'd met me 10 years ago, you'd see a young woman desperately trying to fit in. You'd see a version of me that would shut herself down to fit in, ignorant to her own needs, desires and boundries (even though she was well aware that something felt off) and expecting nothing short of perfection (whatever that is) from herself. 

So, I ticked off all the boxes, did what I thought the world around me needed me to do and yet I didn't feel what I truly wanted to feel: a true sense of grounding and stability within and also a sense of ease and excitement when it comes to the life I am creating for myself. 

I am so happy that this all feels very different today. Not because my life is all rainbows and butterflies and I have it all figured out and I don't move through big emotional waves that feel like they're consuming me... but because over the past decade I have built a body of work that continues to guide me to deeper and deeper layers of myself and invites me to step into the embodiment of my truth and potential. A body of work that has taught me (and continues to) to welcome and hold all parts of me and to trust that it is within the embodiment of my wholeness that I am creating a life that doesn't just look great but feels so vibrant and alive.

It is from this place that SHE RISING was born. And beautiful one, I would love to have you join me on this journey back to remembrance. 

Slow down. Remember. Rise Up.




your time to rise up

join me for a journey of inner transformation



will the sessions be live?

It is a combination of pre-recorded video/audio practices and live sessions. 

Over the course of 6 weeks, we are gathering live for three masterclasses of 60-90minutes + one kick-off call. For the other weeks you will receive pre-recorded practices from me to move through in your own time. 


The dates & time for our live masterclasses are:

10am on March 27, April 3, April 17, May 1

how big will the group be?

My intention for She Rising is to welcome a small and intimate group of women to allow for plenty of time and space and greater depth in connection.

will I receive a recording of the immersion?

Yes, I do provide a recording of every session for you to replay and reflect on our time together in more depth later on. Those are for you to keep.

will I have the option to add 1-1 coaching with you?

She Rising will hold a small and intimate group of women. This will allow for an individualized journey and time for questions. 1-1 Coaching and Mentoring however, is not part of  this offering. If you feel called to work more intimately with me, there is options. So let's chat! 

how much time will I need for the programme?

She Rising runs over the course of 6 weeks but is designed to allow for a sense of ease and spaciousness throughout. This offering is not asking you to take a step back from life and hit the pause button but instead be activated throug this programme to meet life slightly different that what you are used to, step by step. 

You will also have access to all recordings of this programme.

will I be able to connect with you and the other women outside of the sessions?

Short answer: yes!  There is a powerful force found in creating safe and non-judgemental space that allow you to open up, be seen in your experience and witness others. So, I will open up an online space for all of us to come together, connect & support one another.

want to know more?

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