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are you ready to meet your potential?

Are you the kind of woman who rises up to meet her ambitions without compromising her authenticity, integrity, or her wellbeing? The version of you who knows herself to be inherently worthy and trusts herself fully? The women living a life where her dreams are do-able and she’s moved by a current of passion and purpose?

“Pick the path that lights you up, the one that you know deep down is the right choice. Stop listening to doubt. Start connecting with courage. Do not let the idea of normal get in the way. It may not be the easy path, but you know great things take effort. Lean into your determination, lean into your mission. Lean into the real you.”


(yung pueblo)

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is coaching for me?

Are you sick of never feeling enough and drowning in self-doubt?

Are you feeling like it's only a matter of time until others realise that you don’t fit in?

Are you feeling that maybe you will never quite get there and should rather start trying to make peace with where you’re at right now?

If this sounds like you, then I want you to know I get it.

And I see you because I was you.

Working with me will give you clear tools and guidance to reconnect with yourself. Shedding the layers of social conditioning, limiting beliefs, old patterns and fear. Until the true you, the real you can shine. 


Having been on this path for years myself, I know that this does not come easy. But I know you got this, and in times when you feel like you don’t, I got you. I am here to applaude you, to hold you, to guide you.

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  coaching offerings  


deep dive session

a 90min coaching to find clarity around what is holding you back and uncover action steps to meet your full potential.

who is this for?

The women who is on her path already but looking to gain more clarity on certain areas of her life.




 The women who wishes to embark on her journey to her highest Self but is not quite sure how and where and looks for a little extra push to go out and start shining her light.


what will you get out of the session?


Insight and awareness of what is  currently holding back




Identifying the limiting beliefs which are stopping you from going after what you want




And the action steps you need to take to reconnect to your true self, to dissolve those insecurities and fears so that you can start shining your light.

Are you ready to shine?

Let’s embark on this together

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intensive journey

This is a 12-week program designed to support you in discovering the transformation possible when you connect with your innate power. Together we will understand what past experiences and beliefs are holding you back, and choose to shift focus to your present so hat you can start moving into a future, a life that you desire, love and deserve! 

during the journey you will:

  • ​Destruct the belief of “not good enough” 

  • ​Gain grounded confidence to make soul-aligned choices and decisions

  • Cultivate the courage to speak up and find your voice in difficult situations

  • Stop doubting to your own capacity and instead move from doubt to certainty

  • Tap into the self-awareness needed to create a life out of love to yourself 

what to expect:

  • 6 bi-weekly one hour 1-1 sessions

  • A powerful recap after each of our sessions for you to stay on top of everything and start moving in the right direction, including the session recording

  • Clear tools and guidance: In-between session tasks, worksheets & assignments to start living the life you desire and deserve

  • Exclusive resources: Guided Meditations, breathing techniques and other tools to reconnect to yourself 

  • Loving Support via WhatsApp


Let’s embark on this together


Uncovering You

1 month to slow the f**k down

We move through our lives with a heavy focus on forward motion, we lose touch with who we are and what we want in life and feel disconnected and like a passive participant in our own story. 

Layers of limiting beliefs, old paradigms, doubt, insecurity and fear are building up and keep our true self hidden deeeeep within. 

This four week container is all about slowing down.  
It is a chance for you to become present with what is alive within you and meet all that you are. 

From that point on, you can move forward with clarity and ease and be the joyful creator of your own life.

why sabrina?

You know my story.


I have seen darkness. I have been in darkness.


But I learned to pick myself up again.


With help and tools. All of which, not necessarily because I trained and hold certifications in them but because I have experienced them, they have become part of who I am. 


It is my own journey that makes me confident in holding space for you, guide you through your very own process. I will be by your side, to cheerlead your wins and challenge your protests. I am committed to your dreams and visions as if they were my own.


Why am I so sure of this?

Because if I could do it, so can you!

"I recently completed my 3 month journey with Sabrina. Sabrina offers deep, holistic and non-judgemental support that led to such positive shifts in my life.

From equipping me with practical tools for everyday challenges, to deep-dive sessions uncovering what's 'really going on', to helping me identify and achieve real goals (both small and large) - I can't recommend Sabrina enough.


Beyond our fortnightly sessions, having her as a 'coach in my pocket' was super valuable - she was there for me when I needed advice, in a spiral or just wanted to bounce off someone neutral.


For me, her services resonated deeper than traditional therapy, as rather than a heavy focus on the past, Sabrina looks at the now, the future, where you want to go, who you want to be, and helps you get there.


Thank you Sabrina!"



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