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work with me to

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move from self-doubt to grounded confidence

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move from a lack of direction & purpose to reclaiming your life fully

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move from fear and insecurity to a deep sense of worthiness & self-love

is coaching with me for you?

I invite into my 1-1 Coaching containers those that are ready to rise up and meet their ambitions and aspirations without compromising their authenticity, integrity, or their wellbeing, who know themselves to be inherently worthy and feel drawn to trust themselves and life deeply. 

Light and Shadow


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We are shedding the layers of social conditioning, limiting beliefs, old patterns and fear - anything that holds you back! 

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We dive deeper to meet the true you, the version of yourself you seek to bring out into the world and build a loving and intimate relationship with yourSelf. 

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We alchemise the body's wisdom and mental power to move into aligned action, to create the life you so desire and deserve.

Desert Dunes

1-1 program


I hold the belief that the key to feeling at home within our bodies, becoming the joyful creator of our lives and unshakeable confidence lies in our ability to remember

remember that we are in fact inherently worthy and whole. remember that we are the ones holding the key to unlock the mystery to a deeply aligned and fulfilled life. 

it is for us to turn inward and harness the power of being our true Self - no holding back. 

Within my 1-1 Coaching & Mentoring Program, we are shedding the layers of limiting beliefs, patterns and fear that hold you back and keep you playing it "safe" in life and instead create the foundation for you to hold and lead you in your highest consciousness. 

We journey together for 4, 6 or 10 months.

what's included

bi-weekly 1-1 Coaching

we are meeting fortnightly for 60minutes to tap into your body's wisdom and unlock your mind's power.

Integration Practices

I draw from an abundance of resources such as (hypno)meditations, breathwork, and to support you in integrating and embodying your wisdom.

Unlimited WhatsApp Support

loving support inbetween our sessions to integrate what you have taken from the coaching sessions into your life right away.


my approach

I have seen darkness. I have been overwhelmed by darkness.


But I learned to pick myself up again and create space for light, joy and ease to enter my life.


With help and tools. All of which, not necessarily because I trained and hold certifications in them, but because I have experienced them, they have become part of who I am. 


It is my own journey and continuous devotion that makes me confident in holding space for you, guide you through your very own process.


I will be by your side, to cheerlead your wins and challenge your protests. I am committed to your dreams and visions as if they were my own.


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I created a powerful Hypnomeditation practice that anchors you in the energy of your Higher Self ready to create the life you desire. Sign up below and receive it straight to your inbox.

Concrete Wall

in your words

"When the world and head is full of noise, Sabrina helps totally ground me. She taps into what I need and what will serve me, and gives me practical tools and support in different ways.


I love the zoom sessions, WhatsApp support, access to online resources like meditation, it’s a holistic coaching package that is so nurturing and supportive on all levels.


With Sabrina’s support, I have more tools in my toolbox to face life, work, relationships - and gain clarity and courage to reach for my goals.


It’s the most worthwhile investment I’ve made in the past year that’s positively impacted my life. Thank you Sabrina!"



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