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are you ready to meet your potential?

Are you the kind of woman who rises up to meet her ambitions without compromising her authenticity, integrity, or her wellbeing? The version of you who knows herself to be inherently worthy and trusts herself fully? The women living a life where her dreams are do-able and she’s moved by a current of passion and purpose?

“Pick the path that lights you up, the one that you know deep down is the right choice. Stop listening to doubt.
Start connecting with courage. Do not let the idea of normal get in the way. It may not be the easy path, but you know great things take effort.
Lean into your determination, lean into your mission.
Lean into the real you.”

(yung pueblo)

Working with me will give you clear tools and guidance to reconnect with yourself. Shedding the layers of social conditioning, limiting beliefs, old patterns and fear. Until the true you, the real you can shine. 


Having been on this path for years myself, I know that this does not come easy. But I know you got this, and in times when you feel like you don’t, I got you. I am here to applaude you, to hold you, to guide you.

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1-1 signature program

I hold the belief that the key to feeling at home within our bodies, becoming the joyful creator of our lives and unshakeable confidence lies in UNBECOMING

Within my 3month 1-1 signature Coaching & Mentoring Program, we are shedding the layers of limiting beliefs, values and trauma that hold you back and keep you playing it "safe" in life. 

So many of us are lacking the confidence, the trust and self-belief, doubt our worthiness and power. We tend to look outside ourselves, look at education, trainings, external validation or a job to proof to us that we in fact can take the leap and show ourselves fully, just as we are. 


I don't believe that! 

I believe that the real key lies within unlearning, unbecoming the things we have been telling ourselves for so long. It is then that we return to a place of remembrance, remembrance of our worthiness, innate power and absolute radiance. 

Whether you hold the vision to write a book, start a blog, launch a podcast, start your own business or long to embody the deep trust of being inherently enough and inherently worthy,  UNBECOMING is for you!

is for you if you are ready to...

to feel not just think

to intuit not just reason

to inspire not just be productive

to enjoy the journey not just achieve a goal

to create life not just contain it

to give life meaning not just manage it

This is a full body initiation to embody a sense expansion, healing & your higher Self. 


3 months of being held, supported & loved up in a truly sacred container

  • 6 bi-weekly one hour 1-1 sessions

  • A powerful recap after each of our sessions for you to stay on top of everything and start moving in the right direction, including the session recording

  • An abundance of resources including meditations, journaling prompts, playlists, worksheets & more 

  • Loving Support via WhatsApp to integrate what you have taken from the coaching sessions, let the magic unfold! 

what's included



Uncovering You

1 month to slow the f**k down

We move through our lives with a heavy focus on forward motion, we lose touch with who we are and what we want in life and feel disconnected and like a passive participant in our own story. 

Layers of limiting beliefs, old paradigms, doubt, insecurity and fear are building up and keep our true self hidden deeeeep within. 

This four week container is all about slowing down.  
It is a chance for you to become present with what is alive within you and meet all that you are. 

From that point on, you can move forward with clarity and ease and be the joyful creator of your own life.

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why sabrina?

You know my story.


I have seen darkness. I have been in darkness.


But I learned to pick myself up again.


With help and tools. All of which, not necessarily because I trained and hold certifications in them, but because I have experienced them, they have become part of who I am. 


It is my own journey that makes me confident in holding space for you, guide you through your very own process. I will be by your side, to cheerlead your wins and challenge your protests. I am committed to your dreams and visions as if they were my own.


what people are saying

"The seven-month coaching journey with Sabrina has truly changed my life for the better. 

She helped me to feel more connected to myself, others, and the planet again and to be softer and more loving with myself.

The conversations with her and the simple tools she introduced me to, furthermore, helped me to better cope with my feelings of anxiety.


Sabrina managed to create an extremely unprejudiced and safe space. I am not sure I ever experienced anything like this before. I felt like I could be myself at all times and I could truly open up to her.

Besides, it was also very valuable to have her as a ‘pocket coach’, so I could get in touch with her whenever I needed to.


Thank you, Sabrina, for the trustful and respectful interaction and this extraordinary and transformative coaching experience!"