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Sabrina Patricia Yin Meditation


Yin is the ultimate gateway to surrender.

Yin Yoga is a simple and gentle practice for everybody (and every body). It truly speaks to the yin energy, the passive, the feminine, the idea to surrender and soften. It is thus not just a great compliment to any other form of Yoga practice or exercise, but really an essential practice for today’s fast-paced and yang-dominant lifestyle. 


We move through the world with so much focus on forward motion and it’s so important that we create the space to rest in the stillness in order to nourish and resource.


In Yin Yoga we hold poses for multiple minutes with little to no muscular effort. Instead the invitation is to become still, relax and sink deeper into the shape, merely by the force of gravity. 


The practice offers a safe space for us to slow down and turn our focus inward. Because it is when we become physically still, that we are given the chance to observe what is going on within. That is also where the true challenge of this practice lies. Meeting ourselves, all aspects of ourselves in stillness and be with it. But that's when the magic happens...

Sabrina Patricia Stillness

what is it


On the mat it looks like deep and simple stretches and a gentle and rather simple practice. But off the mat it translates to resilience, perseverance and emotional flexibility. It strengthens your ability to sit with discomfort and challenge, moving through with ease and grace. To accept what you cannot change and allow space for what is yet to come.

Yin Yoga holds a truly special place in my heart. Likely because our journey was not a love story from the start, believe me. Slowing down and being still are not things that come naturally to me, in fact they challenge me every time. It is much easier instead to tell myself that I simply haven’t done enough, need to do more, must try harder… 


So the idea of surrender and taking a moment to pause rather than jumping into action is a challenge for me. Yet, this practice has done so much for me. I continue to experience the benefits of slowing down. It opens up this truly sweet space of calm within myself, even when in the midst of discomfort. This is something that I experience on the mat when holding shapes for an extended period of time and meeting deeper layers of myself in stillness and it also translates right into my everyday life. I tap into the potential to respond in a more calm and balanced manner rather than simply reacting.

my journey with yin

meet sabrina

Sabrina Patricia Yoga

practice with me

If you are looking to join an open-class with me, sign-up for one of my signature Sunday Night Yin & Sound journeys. 

Looking for a more personal approach? Reach out for a private class tailored to your needs, both online and in-person in Berlin, Germany.


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"Sabrina's Yin Yoga classes have been my journey to self-love and acceptance.


The way she inspires us with her openness and intention is something that has deepened my understanding and appreciation of Yin Yoga.  I can’t express how thankful I am that our paths crossed in Bali and I’ve had the chance to practice with Sabrina!


Thank you for spreading light!"





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