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a 2-hour coaching intensive
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move from feeling like a PASSIVE BYSTANDER in your own life to having the CLARITY you seek to creating a life that INSPIRES YOU

you will leave this session . . . 


feeling grounded and confident in your vision


knowing how to take steps that align with your values and aspirations


with a tangible action plan to bring your vision alive

crafting your VISION is like receiving a MAP to the LIFE of your DREAMS.


You feel lost and like you're simply following the stream of life without any clear direction. It is almost as if you are watching your life simply happen to you… when what you really want is living a life in sovereignty. But where to start? 

You feel stuck waiting for your intuition to kick in and tell you what's the next move for you. You keep telling yourself that you want to go with the flow and are merely waiting for the right thing to show up for you… and yet all of this leaves you feeling like you're floating. You want to feel grounded and confident in yourSelf and the direction that you are taking your life. But what is that exactly? 

Your life was turned upside down, anything from a break-up, a career change to a big house move, you've been left feeling shaky, out of your centre and insecure about the next move to make for yourself. You are asking yourself 'who am I really?' and, 'what do I truly want?

is this you?

crafting a VISION will help you to...

  • Feel a sense of direction and purpose for your life

  • Set goals and make decisions that align with your values and aspirations

  • Spark the motivation and inspiration to bring your vision alive

  • Stay focused and master challenges, giving you a sense of perspective and a reason to keep going when things get tough

  • Finally create the change you want to see in your inner world, relationships or career.

it Is time to craft your VISION and move into ALIGNED ACTION


Acknowledge where you're at right now and shift the focus the future you're designing, mapping out your goals, dreams, desires… collectively forming Your Vision.

the roadmap

Recognize the various beliefs and behavioural patterns that are out of alignment with your vision, and instead reinstate be and behaviours that feed your vision. 

aligned action

Identify the steps required to bring your vision to life, learn how to continuously connect to it and set goals in alignment with your aspirations - knowing how to follow through. 


what's included . . .

2Hours of 1-1 Coaching via Zoom

Session Recording For You to Keep + Rewatch

Tangible Action Steps to Bring Your Vision Alive


limited spaces available

craft your VISION and start LIVING your DREAMS

Sabrina has helped me figuring out what kind of stories I kept telling myself; the negative self-talk that has been my daily companion for such a long time.


The next step was then to rewire my mindset by establishing healthy habits and adding new affirmations to my daily life.


in your words

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