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Sound healing is a portal to receive - the ultimate filling up of the cup

The frequencies invite your body to relax and your mind to release any stuckness, reawakening the texture of your inner landscape and rewilding to your true nature, your source. From this place, we wake up and come alive and can experience the magic that lies in the subtle. 


This is important because the fast pace and overwhelm of modern living encourages a kind of numbing in order for us to cope. Our body is constantly trying to protect us by absorbing and suppressing so many of these gross sensations that overstimulate our nervous system. Over time this leaves us feeling sluggish, lethargic and restless. However, it is critical that we allow ourselves to release these deeper layers of tension, too.  

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what is it


Sound Healing is an extraordinary sound & meditative experience for the body, mind and soul. The frequencies allow you to get out of the head and into your body. A sound experience can offer you both, a deep state of relaxation and rejuvenation as well as energizing and vitalizing you in all your being. So no matter if you feel stressed, experience trouble sleeping or wind down, or you feel low in energy but wish to thrive, a sound experience can support you. Sound holds the incredible power to serve you exactly what body, mind and soul need.

My very first encounter with the Gongs have shifted something within me. The sound carried me to a space previously unknown. A place of deep relaxation yet complete awareness. I was mesmerized by how in tune I was with the more subtle levels of myself, my emotions and intuition, rather than the gross, the external, the physical.

It is that shift, from the gross to the subtle, from head to heart, that I believe holds so much potential for all of us to reconnect to our true Self, the source that is home to our power and wisdom that we ever so often hope to find in the external world. It is a little bit like losing and gaining control at the very same time.

my journey with sound

meet sabrina

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experience the magic of sound

You are invited to make your very own experience with Sound. Believe me, it is magical...


I am currently offering Sound Healings in a 1-1 private setting in Berlin, Germany. Pricing upon request.

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what people are saying

“Sound meditation has been a new experience to me, one of which I would have never imagined to be that energetic for both my body and my soul. I always doubted that I was able to find inner relaxation and peace through meditation, but already the first session with Sabrina showed me how wonderful it can be to let go of distraction and fully give yourself away to a journey guided by sound. It was intense and extremely impressive to feel the impact of sound to every cell in my body.”