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fully booked

March 9-12, 2023
at Villa Saga
in Kirkkonummi, Finland

deep nourishment for body, mind & heart


retreat to rest and re-connect 

Your time to source wellbeing and vitality
from within

This 4-day retreat is an invitation for you to remember and return to a place of wellbeing and nourishment. 


For most of us, coming back to balance is not so much a practice of learning something new, acquiring yet another skill and adding new things to master to our already packed and busy lives.

Returning to balance is much rather an act of unlearning and unbecoming - releasing the urge to perform and achieve and instead find comfort in rest and stillness. 

We invite you to slow down and give yourself the permission to simply be. This is what we believe is the recipe for recharging and regulating the nervous system from the hyper stimulation of our modern day lifestyles. 

"A perfect retreat that nourished my body, mind and soul!

I could have stayed forever!"

- Mareike

It is when we return to the a place of inner spaciousness and calm, that we are reminded of ourselves as part of something greater and can connect to ourselves, those around us and all of life with kindness and compassion.


It is also from this space of connection to that part of us that is at ease, at peace and at rest that we can adapt to change and respond to life’s challenges with greater confidence and calm. 

Join us in coming together in community and in practice to meet ourselves and live life in full color and vibrancy, open ourselves to receiving the gift of life wholly and thoroughly.

Throughout this 4-day retreat we will explore the deeply nourishing practices of yin yoga, yoga nidra and sound healing. In addition to these practices, you will learn about nervous system regulation through the power of your breath, and nourishment through Ayurveda. A wide spectrum of tools, practices and ancient wisdom on how to keep your cup full.


Located at Villa Saga just outside of Helsinki, you will experience nature’s abundance at its finest: Finnish forests only a few steps away, a nearby lake to take a dip or enjoy an evening of sauna and woodfired tub in the backyard. 

Retreat Love: Amelie

"There is no way to comprehend how much you will benefit from a retreat like this until you experience it.

Sabrina and Amira blew us all away with their other-worldly connection, and powerful ability to guide us home to ourselves.

The value of investing in an experience like this simply cannot be quantified, as the retreat offers the oppourtunity to heal and recover from tensions built up over a life time.


I will forever hold every single moment of this retreat in my heart, in the same way it held me."

the venue: Villa Saga

We will gather at Villa Saga located in Kirkkonummi - just a short 30 min drive from the city center of Helsinki, Finnland.

Villa Saga is a modern and light-filled space that offers everything and more we need for our retreat: 

bright rooms, a fireplace, a windoswill lounge to relax, a sauna and a woodfired tub, a large kitchen and beautiful dining room and of course the heart piece:  a spacious Yoga Shala. 

Nature is present all around the Villa. The serene views of the landscape pour right in from the windows and turn this space into an oasis of calm and tranquility. The beautiful finnish forests are just a few steps outside Villa Saga and allow for the most grounding walks under the trees, as well as walks into the deep forest. 

Expect to rest deeply, be among nature and sacred community.

the rooms

You will be sleeping in a bedroom with either 3 or 4 individual beds. Each bed has a curtain for privacy and a futon of all natural materials for your comfort.  There is multiple shared bathrooms on all floors. 

how to get there

Villa Saga located in Kirkkonummi, close to Helsinki in Finnland.

By car: a short 30 min drive from Helsinki. There is enough parking for everyone right at Villa Saga.

Public transport: take the train to Masala and Kirkkonummi which takes about 30 min. From there, take bus line 906 or 907 and you are right at Villa Saga.  

International: fly to HEL International airport, from there is is about 90minutes to get to Villa Saga by public transport.

Flights and transfer are not included in the price of the retreat and need to be organized individually. However we would be happy to help you organize the best transfer for your trip.

I had high expectations for the retreat but I could never have imagined such a powerful, holistic experience. Amira and Sabrina have a magical talent for teaching."

- Sandrine

the schedule

day 1



4:30pm - 5:45pm


6pm - 7:30pm 


7:30pm - 8:30pm 




meet your hosts

Nuorished Retreat-92.jpg

It is my intention to guide you from a gross, externalized experience back to the subtlelty of life - remembering your essence and power.


I do this through my work as a Self-Leadership Coach and the practices of Yin Yoga, Meditation & Sound. You can learn more about myself and my work here.

Sabrina Patricia

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Nuorished Retreat-3.jpg

I am a Finland-born yogini, devoted to traditional teachings and practices of Yoga and Ayurveda. I've been studying and sharing the wisdom of yoga for the past 5 years, and along with tantric hatha yoga my heart has been stolen by the ever-so-sweet yin yoga... I believe that the answers, the wisdom, and our capacity to heal ourselves all lie within - all we need to do is slow down, and tune in to listen & receive. 


Pricing & Booking


payment plans available, send an email to to receive more info

no refund policy applies unless there is a cancellation due to government regulations or from our end

what's included

  • 4 days/ 3 nights accomodation 

  • ayurvedic-inspired plant-based food freshly prepared for us: morning smoothie, brunch, lunch & dinner

  • snacks, coffee, tea & water throughout the day

  • daily yin journeys

  • daily sound healings

  • daily yoga nidra practices

  • breathwork and meditation

  • afternoon lectures and practices on breathwork, nervous system regulation and more

  • ceremony of rest 

  • enough free time to rest and recharge 

  • yoga mats and all props are available on site, no need to bring anything (unless it is what you want to do)

  • sauna and woodfired tub

what's not included

  • airfaire & transportation


  • private 1:1 Coaching with Sabrina 

  • personalized Sādhanā (daily practice) with Amira

you have questions?

please reach out to us and we are more than happy to help in any way we can! 

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