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With the practice of meditation as an integral part of my life, I have noticed how much it affected me in many areas of my life,
especially in my career.

During my time at Copenhagen Business School studying for both my B.Sc. in International Business and my M.Sc. in Strategy, Organization & Leadership, I found myself dealing better with stress around examinations, especially oral exams which used to terrify me weeks and weeks in advance. I also ended up managing my time and resources differently - another game changer for me that I was passionate to share with others. It was for those reasons that I founded the student organization CBS Meditation. An organization offering two regular meditation practices per week to CBS students, as well as inviting guest speakers to address the topic of Corporate Mindfulness. 


In my professional career working in various start-ups as well as global organizations in NYC, Dubai, Copenhagen and Berlin, the practice of meditation and mindfulness increased my capacity to focus and cope with the naturally fast-paced environment of the organizations much better. Besides my daily practice, I now regularly turn to certain breathing techniques or meditation practices before heading into big meetings, presentations or when I am asked to give or receive feedback. 


Besides my own, very personal experience though, there are increasing numbers of studies that outline the importance of mental health and wellbeing at the workplace. Quite naturally this leads to various practices of mindfulness and their integration into the workplace. 


As part of my education at Copenhagen Business School, I investigated the topic of mindfulness practices in the corporate context more closely. In collaboration with Associate Professor Sudhanshu Rai from Copenhagen Business School, the Research Centre of the Himalayan Institute in Rishikesh, India,  7Mind GmbH and Oatly Germany GmbH, I investigated the effects of mindfulness-based practices and their effect on the decision-making process in the corporate context. 










Thus, it is my own experience as well as science-backed research and my work as Transformational Coach that leads me to the firm belief that any organization aiming to thrive and succeed in the long-run can highly benefit from mindfulness.
These mindfulness-based practices can transform your company’s leadership approach and corporate culture from the inside out.


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I am offering these sets of tools and insights in a variety of formats:


  • Single keynote events introducing mindfulness and sharing first experiential insights

  • executive leadership coaching with integrated practices of Meditation, breath and Yoga

  • as well as custom-tailored virtual trainings for leadership teams or the entire firm

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"Sabrina has supported me with various mindfulness practices that I could easily integrate into my often very busy and hectic work of running a company. Slowing down and taking a conscious moment to pause is nothing that comes easy to me. But with so many things going on at the same time, I often felt I needed something that could help me right then and there to find more clarity and focus. Sabrina has done that for me, whether that is easy-to-apply breathing techniques, guided meditations and guidance around how to create my own meditation routine."


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