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mindfulness-based transformation for teams and organizations

self-leadership elevation coaching

leadership mentoring for established and aspiring leaders

As Transformational Coach & Mindfulness Consultant I work with individuals, established and aspiring leaders, and teams to unlock the power of our minds and establish a truly agile mindset.

I follow a holistic approach with the goal of greater mental and emotional health & wellbeing

- in all areas of life.

Sand Dunes


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mindful transformation

a series of workshops and practice sessions designed  to cultivate your unique value-based way of integrating mindfulness in your company - in a sustainable way. 

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self-leadership elevation

individual coaching designed to empower you with skills, tools and confidence to elevate your career and get you to where you want to be

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mentoring designed for the established and aspiring leader ready to embrace their authentic way of leading - themselves and their teams

The dynamics that today's organizations and leaders are facing is dominated by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. 

All of which is asking organizations and leaders to empower their teams and introduce new ways of working. 

This kind of transformation can only be brought forth by a powerful catalyst. Mindfulness is that catalyst.  

'Mindful Transformation' is a  series of workshops and mindfulness-based practice sessions over the course of 6 weeks designed to provide a substantial foundation of mindfulness and how it relates to the individual, the team and entire organization. 


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Can you relate to any of these...

  • You received a promotion and are now consumed by self-doubt.

  • You continue to deliver great work but neither your team nor your manager seem to notice?

  • You are ready to ditch the imposter who keeps you from furthering your career?

  • You know you have so much more to offer and are ready to level up? 

If you were a YES even just one of these questions, then this  1-1 coaching offering might be what you are looking for to grow in your career.

Over the course of 3 months we are equipping you with the skills, tools and the confidence to elevate your career. 


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Leaders or those thriving to be one are asked to step up. Leaders in today's world are asked to self-lead and more importantly enable and facilitate self-organized teams or even entire organizations. That requires an in-depth understanding of the Self and empower those around you to do the same and act as a whole.

The individual coaching journey is a 8-week mentorship designed for the established and aspiring leader ready to be the best leader they can be.


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Shadow on the Wall

mindfulness as the catalyst

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greater emotional intelligence 

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boosted innovation and co-creation

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counteracts stress and burnout

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